The Weekender // No. 6

Vogue Covers BookI hope you are all enjoying a wonderful relaxing weekend so far, and that you had a great week! I’m enjoying a beautiful sunny day after two days of thunderstorms and even a tornado warning! Since I only moved back to the south a couple of years ago, I’m still not used to tornadoes, and it’s funny to see how casual everyone here is about them, where I would be casual about an earthquake being so used to them. The summer heat is definitely in full swing around here, though, so I’m thankful the rain cooled it off a little bit.

I’m spending my evening with tea, and this book of Vogue covers I picked up from my local library. It’s so much fun to see the history of fashion through the covers of Vogue. Since the sky was clear today, I’m also planning to go out tonight to experiment with night sky photography, something I’ve been getting into lately! I love seeing what I can get to show up on my camera in the pitch dark. It’s pretty incredible!

Some links for your weekend:

-I love this cleaning chart, and really want to implement some of it into my daily habits.

-These summer ice cubes look amazing! How perfect for a summer evening?

-My brother introduced me to an app called Prisma. It’s a photo app with filters that make your photos look like amazing paintings. So fun!

-This cardamom rose iced latte recipe sounds so interesting and amazing! And how pretty is the photography in this post?!

-These DIY faux copper planters are so adorable! I need to find myself some succulents to plant in some of these!

-I did this yoga practice from Yoga with Adrienne this week, and it was so fun and so good! Definitely a new favorite.

That’s it for this week! I’ll see you all back here on Monday!



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