The Weekender // No. 8

Darling MagazineIt’s the weekend, it’s the weekend! I hope yours has been off to a great start. I’ve had just about the most relaxing Saturday ever spent catching up on some housework, video editing, and finally getting around to painting my nails. 🙂 This past week, while not overly busy, definitely used a lot of my brain power, and it’s been so nice to have a day to relax and catch up! Tonight I’m thinking I may rustle up some super unhealthy pasta and watch You’ve Got Mail. I’m such a sucker for a good 90s rom-com. Do any of you have favorites you would recommend? I could always use more for my watch list! I’ll also be finishing up a video for my YouTube channel tonight that will go live in the morning. I’ve been posting videos each week, so if you’re not subscribed over there, be sure to check it out!

Some links for your weekend:

-I’m in love with the blog Style Bee. If you love capsule wardrobes and minimal outfits, be sure to check it out! Lee has amazing style, great tips on being intentional about your wardrobe, and lovely photography.

Oh Gosh Cindy is the most adorable Etsy shop. Check it out for water color greeting cards featuring the likes of Mindy Kaling and Molly Ringwald. Also characters from The Office and Arrested Development, two of my favorite shows!

-My mom introduced me to In the Good Old Summertime this week, and like You’ve Got Mail, it’s a remake of Shop Around the Corner. This version stars Judy Garland and Van Johnson and was lots of fun.

-These salted caramel brownies look amazing.

-I love Lucie Fink’s videos on the Refinery29 channel, and this 5 Days on a $50 Spending Budget was so interesting to watch.

-If you’re a planner person, you need to check out the Sugar Paper for Target collection! I’ve been using the stickers and washi in my planner, and love how it’s looking.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend friends, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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