Thrift Store Finds: Lace Details

I went to a new Goodwill thrift store in my city a couple of days ago, and had some great luck! One thing I love about shopping at thrift shops is the ability to find unique details in clothing. On this expedition I found two sweet tops (among other things) with beautiful lace detailing. 
I believe the cream colored sheer blouse to have been hand made in the 70s-80s possibly. The style is reminiscent of Victorian inspired Gunne Sax blouses designed in the 1970s, which I have been stalking on Etsy for a few weeks. Needles to say I was thrilled to find something similar. 

The dusty pink top is just a t-shirt style, but the lace and beading were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist it. I will most certainly be getting an abundance of wear out of this come Springtime. 

 If you are curious to see these tops in more detail, I will have a thrifing haul on my YouTube channel sometime next week. Also they will make their way into outfit posts, I’m quite sure.

On a completely different not, while I was at the thrift shop, I found two huge bins of records! I way over the moon. I came home with many classic rock albums several of which are The Beatles.

I always enjoy buying records because it makes for interesting conversation with the workers at thrift stores. They always find it cool that a young person takes interest in something old.

Have you had any fun thrifting finds recently? What is your favorite thrift store treasure? Let me know in the comments!

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