Tomorrow’s the day!

Dear friends,
That’s right folks! Tomorrow I am moving into my dorm room. It’s funny how nervous I was for this a few months ago, but now it doesn’t really seem like a big deal. I’m so ready to go! Of course I’m not looking forward to saying goodbyes. I hate saying goodbye, but it happens. I’m super excited to get to be near my brother and sister this year, though, and of course to be studying what I love.

I might not be blogging very much while I’m getting settled, but I will post as much as I can. I would appreciate your prayers for me in the next few weeks. I know they will be wonderful, but also hard.
Now, to finish packing!

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the day!

  1. This must be such an exciting time for you, though maybe a little frightening as well. I pray that your time at school is blessed!


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