Travel Diary: Lago Maggiore, Italy


On the Water

I’m finally back with another installment in my travel diary series, and this time we’re back in Italy! After leaving Venice, we drove over to a beautiful spot in northern Italy on the south side of the Alps: Lago (lake) Maggiore. Lago Maggiore was a lovely quiet contrast to the hustle and bustle of Venice, and it was wonderful to experience the more laid-back side of Italy. We were lucky enough to have a hotel right on the lake, and the outdoor dining area had the most serene view.





IMG_0367 IMG_0398 IMG_0400

A Short Stay

Since we were only there for a brief one day stay, we spent most of our time exploring the village around the lake. It was full of characteristic colorful buildings, blooming flowers, Vespas, and sunshine. We walked up to the old part of town, and saw amazing frescoes on an old church and a stunning old clock tower. My favorite thing though, was simply walking around the lake. The weather was incredible; breezy and sunny, and I loved simply soaking up the vitamin D and atmosphere. Amid our high-paced adventure, this stop was a perfect place to relax and regroup for the rest of our journey.IMG_0415IMG_0409 IMG_0412 IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0456 IMG_0459 IMG_0847 IMG_0470

Have you traveled to Italy? What was your favorite things about it?
I’d love to hear!

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