Travel Diary: London, England

london-travel-photography-blogTea, Rain, & Architecture.

The last couple of days of our international travels were spent in London. We took the Eurostar from Paris to London, and enjoyed a quiet two days drinking lots of tea, exploring the touristy buildings, and even getting caught in a rainstorm, an event that felt quintessentially British. This was my second time in London, and I absolutely loved it. The first time I visited, it didn’t impress itself on my memory the way Paris did, but now six years later, I may just prefer it. While London is a bustling city, in comparison with Paris, at least to me, it feels like a quiet breath of fresh air. One thing I love about travel is how much it teaches me about myself, and as I’ve had the opportunity to revisit these different places, I’ve learned that now I’m much more drawn to quiet reserved charm than sparkle and glamour.

london-england-travel-blog-postQuiet Walks & Recuperation

To be honest, by the time we arrived in London, we were all pretty tired. We were coming to the end of two weeks of constant travel, and we took the opportunity to take things a bit easier in London. Our train arrived in the morning, and after securing Oyster cards and checking in to our hotel, we took a quiet walk over to Harrods. There is a Ladurée in Harrods, and while it may not be the most local place to visit, we thoroughly enjoyed stopping for some tea. We then walked over to Buckingham Palace, and enjoyed visiting the nearby park. The roses were in bloom, and it was so peaceful and beautiful. Of all of the places I’ve been so far, London is one of my favorites to simply explore on foot. laduree-shop-decortea-laduree-londontea-in-london-travel-blogladuree-windowlondon-telephone-boothlondon-travel-blog-postbuckingham-palace-londonvictoria-statue-buckingham-palace-londongardens-in-londonlondon-gardens-buckinghamlondon-rose-gardenroses-buckingham-palace-garden-londontravel-londonsimple-travel-outfittravel-photography-blog

view-of-london-eye-photoSimply Touristslondon-eye-photography

The next day we headed out to explore some of the classic tourist attractions. Felicity and Meleah went on the London Eye, and since Dad and I had done it before, we enjoyed some coffee and listened to street musicians while waiting for them to return. We then headed to The Tower Bridge, followed by The Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. Right as we arrived at Westminster, a rainstorm appeared out of nowhere and we found ourselves hiding from the rain with tourists and clergy. We used the underground a lot to get to different locations around the city, and it was very convenient as a traveler.




After dinner that night, we took one last walk to Buckingham Palace. We sat outside munching on ice cream, reminiscing on our travels, and anticipating the long flight home on the next day. I love Europe and the UK, and it was hard to imagine heading back to the states. After scheming unsuccessfully for ways to stay, I packed my bags, took a train to Heathrow, and flew back home. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to go on this trip this year, especially since I hadn’t anticipated being able to travel internationally for the next couple of years. It was wonderful to get to experience so much in such a short time, and if I didn’t have the travel bug before, I certainly do now. We’ll see where it takes me in the future!





Thank you so much for reading my European travel diary! To catch up on previous posts in this series, click here. Next week I’ll be back with a travel post a little closer to home!


Have you done any summer travels lately? Have you ever been to London? I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: London, England

  1. Okay….I’m pretty sure I just teared up seeing all of these magical pictures and reading all the adventures of you London travels! London is definitely at the TOP of my travel list and I Can’t wait util I actually get to visit it one day:) This summer we have gone on five camping trips and they have been such fun!

  2. I love your visual representations and they are just beautiful! I’m glad you had a great time in London, even if it was short. Sometimes, the best of our adventures are unplanned and I’m very happy you enjoyed it! I love visiting London because there is soo much to do and I totally agree with your statement that London is the best to explore on ‘foot’.
    Lots of love,
    Ramsha | Rose

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