Travel Diary: Lucerne & Grindelwald, Switzerland

IMG_9872A Family Tradition

Ask most members of my family what their favorite country to visit is, and they will likely answer with an enthusiastic “Switzerland!” While I have a hard time choosing a favorite, Switzerland has a special place in my heart. My grandfather coordinated travel groups to Europe back in the 70s, and when my dad graduated college, they took a trip to Switzerland. Now my dad has continued to pass down that love of travel by taking me and my siblings on a similar trip when we graduated high-school. Traveling to Europe is something we all love, and you’ll often find us sharing stories of different trips and countries. I’m convinced my Grandy has been everywhere, and I love to listen to his travel tales. A favorite town for all of us is Grindelwald, but on our way there, we often stop in Lucerne. I feel so fortunate to have been twice now!




Lucerne is a beautiful city, and the river it’s situated on is just breathtaking. I’ve never known water to sparkle anywhere else quite like it does in Switzerland. On this trip we stopped in Lucerne for a quick coffee break on our way to Grindelwald, but we took some time to walk around the river and visit the famous covered bridge, Kapellbrücke. Construction was first begun on this bridge in 1333, and it’s amazing to see how well it has been preserved. The paintings on the interior of the bridge are beautiful, and I love looking out on the water from it. Another wonderful thing about Lucerne? The views of the Swiss Alps! They look almost unreal, and I loved just trying to take in the view.



After driving for about an hour and a half, we arrived in Grindelwald. Grindelwald is an adorable village in the Alps that is by turns quaint and breathtaking. Sweet Swiss chalets are nestled at the base of the mountains, and the Jungfrau, a beautiful glacier, is visible from the village. Being in Grindelwald is almost like stepping back in time. We stayed in the Hotel Derby, where my Grandy has been staying for years– so often that he is now good friends with the owner! One of my favorite activities was taking the train up to the Jungfrau. There is nothing quite like stepping out on a glacier with a view of the Swiss Alps. We also went into the ice palace inside the glacier which was a lot of fun. Up at the Jungfrau, my sister and I went on a zip line, something I just love. Flying over the mountains? Yes please! We grabbed a hot chocolate before heading down the mountain and finding fondue in the village. We spent the evening walking around Grindelwald enjoying the cool drizzly weather. The next day we headed up to First, another mountain in the area, but this time by ski gondola. Floating up a mountain is an experience I highly recommend. Once we reached the top, we went on the newly installed cliff walk, a bridge built around the edge of a cliff. I left any fear of heights I might have had at the bottom of the mountain, and thoroughly enjoyed the view. We stopped for one more hot chocolate, and headed back on down to the car, and towards France.

grindelwald-switzerland-train jungfrou-grindelwald-switzerland-travel view-from-jungfrau-switerland travel-in-switzerland-blog-post  swiss-travel-blog-post swiss-alps-from-jungfraujungfrau-grindelwald-switzerland

IMG_1120 jungfrau-top-of-europe-ice-palace jungfrau-ice-palacezipline-jungfrau-switzerland


IMG_9864 IMG_9870first-grindelwald-switzerland IMG_9874

IMG_9871 what-to-do-in-switzerland cliff-walk-first-switzerland cliff-walk-grindelwald switzerland-travel-blog-post

Have you visited Switzerland? Do you have any places your family loves to visit?
I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Lucerne & Grindelwald, Switzerland

  1. My grandmother has been to Switzerland; she went on a Beth Moore trip. I’d love to go. I grew up on Heidi and Treasures of the Snow. And my grandfather’s male line is Swiss, so he’s a quarter Swiss. I’d love to do genealogy there.

  2. Wow! Your pictures are stunning! Switzerland is a beautiful place. I would love to go to Europe one day. I have family there. I am from South Africa. It is a very different but beautiful place as well. Love your blog and hope to make many more visits in the future. Much love xx

    1. Thank you so much Roxanne!! I’m so happy to have you reading my blog! I’ve always heard South Africa is a beautiful place, and I’d love to visit there one day. I so appreciate your support, and hope you have a wonderful week!

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