Travel Diary: Paris, France

parisian trench coatBonjour Paris!

As the song in Funny Face says, “We’re strictly tourist, and we couldn’t care less!” I remember the first time I visited Paris being surprised that it was just as beautiful in real life as it was in the movies, and I was thrilled to get to go back! From Versailles to Ladurée, our time in Paris was so fun and magical, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Get ready– this is a picture heavy post!

palace of versaillesVersailles

While not technically in Paris, our first stop was the palace of Versailles. And while the palace itself is full of incredible architecture and history particularly relevant to Americans (I loved finding the Battle of Yorktown in the hall of battles,) the gardens truly steal the spotlight. You could get lost in the vast expanse of grounds planted with flowers, fruit trees, and hedges. I enjoyed sitting near the water on this beautiful day, and even ordered a gelato in French! I’m sure my accent was terrible, but the kind lady understood me, so I counted it a success!

gardens of versaillesversailles gardensIMG_0043versailles interiorsIMG_1527 (2)

IMG_0012IMG_9991 IMG_9963IMG_1691 (2)IMG_1682 (2)






gates of versaillesTasty Treats

After a lot of walking, we stopped off at Angelina for lunch. I enjoyed some hot tea, and Felicity ordered the hot chocolate which was so thick, I think it should require a spoon! We headed back to our hotel in Paris, and then walked to Ladurée for dinner that evening. IMG_1778 (2)

Waterlilies and flower markets

The next day we set out in search of the Musée de l’Orangerie. I had been curious to visit this museum since seeing the film Midnight in Paris years ago. It houses a gallery of Monet waterlilies, and it was absolutely incredible. The galleries are circular with skylights overhead, and the walls are lined with curved canvases. It definitely ranks among my all time favorite museum experiences. We left the museum, and walked towards Notre Dame. On the way we ran across a flower market, and I loved wandering around the flower stalls.

musee de l'orangerie


monet water lillies paris IMG_0104 notre dame paris detailsparis rose garden notre dame in paris IMG_0140 IMG_0130 paris flower markets paris travel photography IMG_0107 locks on a bridge in parisThe Eiffel Tower & Evening Strolls

We went up the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed the views of the city, and then headed back to the hotel to dress up for our last night in Paris. We had dinner at a wonderful restaurant with a view of the tower, and then headed back to prepare to leave the next day. One of my favorite memories is us girls walking back from dinner enthusiastically singing music from La La Land just as obnoxiously as you might expect from a bunch of tourists. We made it back to the hotel, and packed up to head to England.

the eiffel tower paris france

paris travel photography canoneiffel tower view parisview from the eiffel towereiffel tower paris traveling in paris

travel outfits for paris evening in paris IMG_0235 paris at sunset


Have you visited Paris? What was your favorite thing about the city?
I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Paris, France

    1. I was surprised by Paris because I’d heard things like that before, but they aren’t true! I do love cities, but Paris is very unique among cities because it has such an old-world feel. Thanks for reading Livia!

  1. So happy you got to experience my favorite city–wasn’t she such a dream? Everything is so full of beauty as well as purpose, and the cafes for people-watching are the best. <3 Gelato in the Jardin des Tuileries and getting a fresh pain au chocolat every morning was my favorite!

    1. Yes! An absolute dream! I’m already ready to go back. I love the people watching, (French women and German women sure know how to dress!) coffee, and just the feeling walking around the streets. And Pain au chocolat is my favorite pastry in the world. Thanks so much for reading Grace!

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