Travel Diary: Venice, Italy

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While in Europe, I got to visit Italy for the first time, and it was pretty dreamy. We drove in from Austria, and started our visit in Venice, or Venezia if you’re Italian. It completely blew away my expectations, and I even loved the quintessential tourist activities. From gondolas to gelato, Italy is magical, and these were some of my favorite moments.

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Sunset Wanderings

Our adventure began in the evening since we had just driven in from Austria. We wondered around the streets, bought our first of many cones of gelato (I found I’m partial to pistachio,) and had real Italian food which was basically my dream come true. Saint Mark’s Square is a popular destination, and was beautiful despite being crowded. One of my favorite things was just strolling around the winding narrow streets, and watching the sunset over the canal.


Gondolas & Islands

The next day started with a gondola ride, and I must say it was pretty fun and informative! I also decided that when it comes to style goals, gondoliers are pretty high up on the list. 😉 It was lovely to experience the city from a boat, and learn about the buildings we had seen the previous evening. We even went past Marco Polo’s house! Next we headed out to the island of Murano via a water taxi. I loved seeing how everything from taxis, to FedEx has been adapted for water in Venice. Murano was lovely, and much quieter than Venice. I made friends with a cat, and watched the local glass blowers make some pretty cool vases. Of course we found more gelato while we were walking around before catching the boat back to Venice. We did a bit more exploring before checking out and heading to our next Italian city, but I’ll save that for another post.

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Have you ever been to Italy? What were your favorite cities?
I’d love to hear!

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  1. I love your floral dress! Where is it from? Hopefully there’s room for a babybump , I’m desperately looking for some nice dresses to wear with my bump.
    The pics are lovely.

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