Tree Shopping & Announcing Blogmas 2015

Hello friends! I’ve been needing a bit of a push with blogging lately, so I’ve set a little challenge for myself: Blogmas! If you spend any time on YouTube, you may have seen Vlogmas videos that appear everyday in December. I’m simply reworking the concept for my blog. This basically means that I will be trying to publish a blog post everyday until Christmas, and I’m excited to give it a go!

To kick off Blogmas, I have some fun Christmassy photos for you! Over the Thanksgiving break, I was able to spend some precious time at home with my family. One of my favorite family traditions is shopping for our Christmas tree. We go to a local garden center, always armed with coffee and hot chocolate, and pick out the perfect tree for our home. It’s such a fun time, and has come to mean the start of the holiday season to me. As time all together becomes increasingly rare, I treasure these moments that we do get to share. This year we had to brave a bit of rain, but it didn’t put a damper on the fun that was had.

christmas tree photography

christmas tree 2 target christmas sweater christmas sweater from target

 My Christmas sweater this year came from Target! It’s fair-isle, grey, and bedazzled. What’s not to love?  😉evergreen wreath starbucks christmas cups christmas tree photoshoot

I’m so looking forward to going back home for Christmas soon. Life right now is a flurry of rehearsals and classes, and I can’t wait for the time of calm and reflection that Christmas always brings. I’m squeezing in some fun Christmas projects in the time that do have, and I can’t wait to share those with all of you soon!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have any post suggestions for Blogmas? I’d love to hear!



8 thoughts on “Tree Shopping & Announcing Blogmas 2015

  1. Lovely photos, lovely sweater! Yummy Starbucks! You are the second blogger I’ve seen this morning who picked out her tree with Starbucks in hand lol! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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