Up and Running!

And the new design is up! What do you guys think? I will probably keep tweaking things a little, but I’m happy with it! Also, Google Reader/Friend Connect is shutting down this Monday, so do be sure to follow with Bloglovin! It is the little plus sign icon in the social icons. I don’t want to loose you all!

6 thoughts on “Up and Running!

  1. Thanks Danielle! I did a lot of it my self, but went from a template that I found on http://www.puglypixel.com. She has several free templates. I keep a browser open just to look up any code or editing questions I have while I work, and can usually figure out what I want from there. I made the arrows by drawing them with gold sharpie, taking a photo of them, and then using Gimp to edit them. I hope this helps! 🙂

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