Vintage and Indie Patterns!

There are few things that thrill me as much as new sewing patterns. I recently purchased three new patterns from Colette Patterns and several vintage numbers from Ebay. I am so excited about all of them!
Adorable 1950’s McCall’s patterns!
How cute are these 60’s designs?

Three new beauties from Colette Patterns.
 And because I’m such a sewing geek, here is a video of me geeking out about my new patterns.

2 thoughts on “Vintage and Indie Patterns!

  1. Ooh! I envy you sorely! Love that 60s play suit pattern! It looks like smething our of a magazine from that time period. The vintage blouse pattern is really lovely too! Wonderful finds!


    1. Thank you for commenting Charlotte! I’ve just recently found your blog, and find it so inspiring. I look forward to following along. I’m so excited about all these patterns! Hopefully I will have some of them sewn this summer. 🙂


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