Vintage Fashion, Beauty, and Knitting Books!

One of the benefits of attending an older university is the library. I have been able to find some fascinating old books in magazines in ours over the past couple of years. This past week I stumbled into the part of the library where the books from the old home economics course are kept, and let me just say, it was a vintage fashion and beauty lovers dream. 
I checked out four titles: Finishing Touches, a 1960s makeup, hair, and etiquette guide, Dress Selection and Design, a 1950s book on everything from pattern making to fabrics, This is Knitting, a 1940s knitting pattern book, and A Complete Guide to Knitting and Crocheting, also from the 1940s. 
Of course I couldn’t resist sharing some of the beautiful fashion illustrations, beauty diagrams, and knitting designs with you.
From Dress Selection and Design:

I love this dinner dress with the scalloped neckline…

How cute is that hat?

From Finishing Touches:
This was an interesting chapter on finding the best hairstyle for one’s face shape.

From This is Knitting:
From The Complete Guide to Knitting and Crocheting:
I love this picture. It captures the time period so well, and the matching monogrammed sweaters are adorable.
Do you have any favorite vintage fashion or craft books?

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