Vintage Love: A 1940’s Sweater

This past week I went to a few local thrift stores and struck gold at one. I was browsing the sweater section and ran across a label called “Kim’s” by Kimberly Knits that I thought looked older. My sister pulled out her trusty smart phone and within minutes we knew it was from at least the fifties or sixties. I paid five bucks for the cardigan and went home to do some research.

Kimberly 1957, Sunny Harnett - photo by Richard Avedon

After hunting around for a while I discovered that my little sweater by Kimberly Knitwear was actually from the mid to late 1940s and would now retail for nearly one hundred dollars! I was so excited to have made a real vintage find!

Suzy Parker, Kimberly 1957 - Photo by Richard Avedon

 The cardigan is made of 100% wool in a pretty shade of lavender and is heavily beaded at the neck. All the beads are glass which helped clue me in to the fact that it was vintage. It has darling little pearl buttons down the front as well as a sweet collar and cute cropped length. I’m not certain that I will keep it because I’m still trying to figure out if it fits in with my style, but I thought I would share the excitement with you all anyway.

To see me talk about this cardigan and some other stuff, watch this video: 

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Love: A 1940’s Sweater

  1. How fun! I love finding vintage wear at the thrift store! I have found two vintage knitwear pieces at Goodwill before. One was a green 1940’s sweater set, and the other was a 1960’s cashmere Pringles of Scotland cardigan. I absolutely love your sweater that you found! Even though purple isn’t my favorite color. 😉

    The Middle Sister and Singer

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