Weekend Hiking

Last Saturday my dear friend Brynna was able to come visit me! We took advantage of a gorgeous sunny day, and did a bit of hiking at one of my favorite places. I of course took advantage of a pretty sun filled day, and brought my camera to do a bit of practicing. I’m beginning to feel a tiny bit sorry for my poor friends who are always being subjected to being models for my photos. Only a tiny bit, though. Brynna was a good sport, and I had a blast taking these! bluff4bluff3bluff6bluff1bluff7bluff21bluff22

bluff19bluff25I love the vintage look bright sun gave these few photos.  bluff20 bluff17 bluff18She accidentally dropped her phone, and it rolled over a cliff. Here she is peering over the cliff. Thankfully it was recovered, safe and sound. bluff10bluff14 bluff13bluff9 bluff16bluff26

I hope your week is off to a great start friends!

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