Weekly Pins {3}

The Great Gatsby book cover t-shirt
{Awesome Great Gatsby t-shirt, pinned here}

{Great quote, pinned here.}


so cute! made out of a old t-shirt!
{Cute head scarf DIY, pinned here}


{The ever so classy Miss Hepburn, pinned here}


Books open the world
{Books open the world, pinned here.}

 Also, I am just twelve away from 50 followers! I can’t believe it. My birthday is coming up soon, and if we make it to 50 by then, I plan to have a pretty cool giveaway for you guys!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Pins {3}

  1. Wow!
    My youth pastor recently told my youth group a story that had to do with the qoute you pinned.
    I would love to read that book:)

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