Weekly Pins {9} (and news of my beloved camera.)

So, you know how I was lamenting the loss of my dear beloved Canon Rebel XT? Well hallelujah, my parents decided to leave it at our house in this state which means I get to steal it and bring it to school! I’m so happy…I’ve missed that beautiful piece of plastic. So hopefully that means some pretty pictures from me, and not just Pinterest;-) I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday! I plan to spend the rest of mine in a combination of the following: tea-drinking, knitting, sewing, graphic designing, cleaning, studying, online sermon watching, piano practicing, and music listening.

Here are my top favorites from Pinterest for the week:

be a blessing...<3
{I absolutely love this! Pinned here.}
{Classic Sabrina poster…I’m thinking of printing this for my wall! Pinned here.}
So cute! Although an upright doesn't quite cut it;-)
{Such a cute idea for an old upright. Pinned here.}
Beautiful brown coat. White scarf.
{Pretty Fall outfit! Pinned here.}
these would be kinda awesome for a wedding...
{Adorable TOMS refashion…pinned here.}

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