What happens when my parents go out of town, and can we make it to 50?

Wow, long post title!
So my parents went out of town the other day, and this kind of describes me when that happens:

My sister and I were in the random mood to watch cheesy Disney movies. And no, we aren’t talking the adorable classic movies. We are talking Disney Channel  movies. Crazy, huh?
So we went to the library where we both realized that neither of us had seen High School Musical. We then proceeded to check it out. That evening, we watched the first one, sang and danced around the living room, and at two in the morning, found the second one on NetFlix and proceeded to watch it. Now we are hunting around for the third one. We are crazy. May I remind you that we are 23 and almost 19? You now know how immature I am. And proud of it;-) 
I also had the random urge to watch the Princess Diaries, which I confess I love…espescially the second one. Especially this scene:
Anne Hathaway & Chris Pine, The Princess diaries 2: Royal engagement, 2004
“I loath you!”
…and her dress! I want it.
But alas, our library didn’t have them, so what do I do? Of course I go to Target and buy both on DVD! What else would I do?
So yes. We watched Disney movies. It was fun.
On another note, guys, we are at 41 followers! Yay! I can’t believe it! Only nine more. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Keep spreading the word!

6 thoughts on “What happens when my parents go out of town, and can we make it to 50?

  1. Ha Ha!
    If you feel like watching a cheesy disney movie watch prom:)
    Ilove the Princess Diaries too,but I have yet to see high school musical.

    1. Haha, thanks for commenting! Yes indeed! I’m not to fond of people hearing me sing, so I love to belt out my favorite Broadway tunes when no one is home:)

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